FALLing in Love


I’ve waited for you for so long. My life isn’t the same without you. I’m at my absolute best when you’re around. You make me so happy.

Finally, you are here.

Fall Fashion!!!!! The most wonderful time of the year.

It’s a time when fashion shows abound. And fashion magazines are thicker than my southern accent.

I’ve attended so many shows over the past few weeks and read every magazine to hit the stands. I’m lucky to have the hookup. Mike the Magazine Guy alerts me each time he stocks my favorite magazines in my area. I’ve found so many exciting  trends for the fall season.

Statement sleeves are a recurring theme this season. Some are more dramatic than others. Flared or ruffled, bell sleeves can be very flattering if styled correctly.

Metallics brought a futuristic vibe to the runways. Choose pieces that will translate well to real life wear.

I wouldn’t advise a full on space suit look. But a statement piece will mix well with various textures.

Florals are uprooting themselves from the spring runways and planting themselves into our fall wardrobes.

No pastels here though. Jewel tone blooms on dark backgrounds are Autumn’s answer to dressing in florals.

This season has me seeing red. Loud, bright, blood RED.

Whether worn as an accent piece or head to toe, this trend screams “LOOK AT ME”!!! Sporting this look is not for the shy or faint of heart.

Satins, velvets and tulle bring an ‘over the top’ vibe to your look. They’re fun and fancy and kind of make you feel like a princess!

Modern twists will prevent you from looking like you’re going to a prom in the ’80s.

Graphic and embellished with a twist has grabbed my attention. Urban wear mixed with classic pieces make for unique looks.

Pins, patches and chains, added by the designer or yourself, can add a unique flare to a basic piece.

As someone that views fashion as a way to express yourself, this trend has me excited about some upcoming outfits I have planned.

Leather is no longer limited to the Moto jacket. Pants, tops and skirts are popping up everywhere made from faux or natural leather adding an edgy vibe to your wardrobe.

This season has seen a much needed return to elegance.

Dapper gentlemen and graceful ladies are no longer a thing of the past. There’s a call to put pride into the way you dress.

Whether running errands or going out for the evening, looking put together is back in fashion.

Fall has always had the best fashion in my opinion. And I look forward to it each year.

What’s your favorite fall trend?

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