Uptown Funk-Living it up in the Queen City


I recently got together with photographer and fellow blogger Megan of @megandunbarphotography to brainstorm over a blog collab.

Of course there was food and coffee involved. So it was only natural that we blog about some of our favorite places to eat. 

Megan suggested we narrow it down to a specific area and asked me to do the impossible…..decide which part of this fabulous city is my favorite. 

I chose downtown….errr….Uptown. Don’t even get this small town girl started on the semantics of this. 

So UPTOWN it is. We started comparing our lists of favorite eateries and found we had a few in common. She also gave me ideas for new places to try.

1. Fitzgerald’s 

Fitzgeralds, located at 201 E 5th, is part sports bar and part Irish tavern. Steelers fans gather to enjoy the pub grub and watch the game. 

Since two of my beloved Tennessee Vols were recently drafted by Pittsburg this new fan will be joining them. As a vegetarian I was pleased to find several options on their menu. 

2. Vapiano

Vapiano is a hip, European inspired, cafeteria style dining experience located at 201 S Tryon.

From the chalkboard menu to olive tree in the dining room, the decor equals the food in excellence. 

3. Midnight Diner

Immediately after hearing of my quest to ‘Eat my way thru Charlotte’ so many people told me I HAD to try Midnight Diner. 

The Railroad car at 115 E Carson houses a piece of Americana. Diners have foverver been connected with family and comfort food. Midnight Diner is no exception. Their claims of having ‘The Best Onion Rings’ are substantiated after the first bite. 

Finish the evening off with their banana pudding. You’ll thank me for this later. 

4. Mert’s Heart and Soul 

Walking into 214 N College is like walking into your Grandmama’s house for Sunday dinner. Mert’s Heart and Soul literally puts their heart and soul into each dish they serve in their quirky vintage dining room. Just like your Grandmama does.

Several of their vegetable dishes are made without meat. But it doesn’t take away from the flavor. This vegetarian approves! 

5. Rock Bottom Brewery 

When I wandered into 401 N Tryon I wasn’t intending to eat. I was hot and thirsty and just needed to sit a spell. 

After sipping on a couple of Blueberry Mojitos I decided to order a little something. 

Little did I know their ‘appetizer’ could feed a small country!  

I protested as the server sat my veggie nachos in front of me. But he assured me it was indeed an appetizer. 

Passerbys judgemental stares were met with my “yes I AM going to eat all of this” stare. One should never waste food. 

Megan has me dying to try Dandelion Market. So it’s moved to the top of my ‘to eat’ list. Yes, I have a list. 

She had me in tears hearing the story of her first meal at Mert’s. I’m not going to spoil it for you. So head over to her blog https://cltnomad.com/blog/ to hear about it and more of her favorite places. 

Let us know your favorite place in UpDown Town! 

Bon Appetit!!

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