Bottle Poppin’ and Fragrance Shoppin’: Nordstrom’s ‘Coffee to Cocktails’ Event  


I was recently invited to Nordstrom’s 2017 Fall Beauty Trend Week at Southpark Mall. Seven days filled with the latest and greatest in makeup and fragrance. 

During the Friday night event we were shown how to achieve a day to evening look. While most of us know how to transition our outfits we don’t really think about how to take our makeup and perfume from ‘Coffee to Cocktails’. 

There was live music, appetizers and selection of drinks.

Brands such as Bobbi Brown, Dior, Lancôme and M.A.C. gave makeovers and intrigued shoppers with their newest products. 

M.A.C. launched their new Nicki Minaj lipstick collab. I’ll be doing a review on this at a later date. Stay tuned!

I was introduced to a brand I wasn’t familiar with. Kilian-Perfume as an Art presented such a luxurious display I had to investigate. 

With my Chloe Prosecco in hand I wandered into Fragrance Heaven. How have I lived without knowing this existed???

Not only does Kilian have a huge sweet smelling variety, they also offer a scented decorative home collection, a create your own fragrance option and scented jewelry!!! How amazing is that??  

One of my favorite things to do after an event is to go home and go thru the ‘swag’

I was in awe when I saw SEVEN deluxe samples of Kilian perfumes. 

Thank you Nordstrom. I’ll definitely be smelling divine!

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