It’s All Greek To Me


My knowledge of Greece was limited to four things: Greek Mythology, Greek Salad, Baklava and breaking plates. 

One of the things I love about Charlotte is its diversity. It feeds my hunger. My desire for knowledge.

I recently attended The Yiasou Greek Festival that’s held annually at the majestic Holy Trinity Greek Orthadox Cathedral. 

Booths were set up selling authentic Greek fare.  

Live music played as dancers in historic Greek clothing performed. The children’s dance was adorable. 

As I snacked on a Baklava sundae I saw there were many more Greek desserts than I’d realized.

Cooking demonstrations went on all weekend. I watched the making of Loukoumades. These ‘Greek Donuts’ were served up sprinkled with sugar, honey, or Nutella. 

Nesting dolls and religious items carved from wood were popular booths.

The high point was touring the cathedral. 

I was hesitant to take pictures but there was a sign encouraging visitors to take as many photos and ask as many questions as we like.

Hourly tours were given. I was in awe of the stained glass windows and the painted ceilings. 

The crystal chandeliers just added to the elegance. 

I learned it was built in 1954. And it’s the only Eastern Orthadox Cathedral in North Carolina. 

I came away full of knowledge of rich history of the Greeks. 

Check out the festival next year. There’s so much more than Baklava. 


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