Southern Women’s Show Charlotte


Imagine everything a woman could ever need under one roof.

On August 24-26 the Charlotte Convention Center delivered just that. 

Row after row of things we want. Things we didn’t even know we wanted. Things we didn’t know existed. 

Champagne tomato jam anyone?

I wasnt expecting to like this delicacy from Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen. The mixture of flavors was a surprising favorite. 

Belk transformed a section into a mini beauty and fragrance department making us look and feel beautiful

Food Lion put on many demonstrations. But what fascinated me most was the ‘Apple Stacking’ contest. It’s the little things in life folks.

The fashionista in me had to examine Opera Carolina dresses made from playbills. 

If paper dresses aren’t your thing then you should check out Dressed Charlotte.

They have dresses for every occasion for rent! As well as accessories. Why pay for an outfit you’ll wear one time? Let Bernadette turn you into Cinderella for the evening. Your bank account will thank her. 

All that walking was exhausting. I found the perfect place to sit a spell.

Everyone knows women love candy. And there was plenty to choose from. The most popular being eye candy.

The line to meet Shep Rose from the show Southern Charm wound halfway thru the building. I watched from afar as his charm elicited squeals of delight from his dedicated fans.

I came away from the show with a list of new things I never knew I wanted! We southern women can never have too much stuff.

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