South Park Mall- the Designerdivas’  Playground 


This Diva loves her designer items (hence my name). There’s no better place to find them than the best mall in Charlotte. 

For me it’s like being a kid and happening upon a park with all your favorite playground equipment. But instead of see saws and slides it’s Chanel and Tiffany’s

The blogging community is often given early access to the latest and greatest in every area of interest. We then get to share it with our followers. 

My Neiman Marcus SA had emailed me about the newest fall shoe collection.  What Diva can resist an invitation to Heaven?  So I set up an appointment on a day two other stores in the mall were hosting events. 

The first thing I do anytime I walk into Neiman Marcus is stop and take a deep breath. Inhaling the sweet smell of designer leather mixed with high end perfume. Then I hop on the escalator and ride while the iridescent butterflies glitter and flitter above me. 

When I arrived at the shoe department I was greeted by Zafir. The most patient SA on earth. He puts up with me. And if he was fed up with me looking at EVERY SINGLE SHOE  he never showed it. He’s amazing. Make sure you ask for him when you call or visit. 

I was in my happy place. The sparkles, the fur, the 4 inch heels….swoon.

Choosing a favorite pair is like choosing a favorite child. Impossible. But I did manage to narrow it down to three. 

I’ll never be able to choose between the Louboutin, Manolo or Chanel booties. Don’t even make me try. 

After prying myself away from the shoes….sigh…..I ventured on to Banana Republic where the Sloan Pant was guest of honor. 

I first became acquainted with the Sloan earlier this year at an event (see my Pants Journey blog) and I’m quite a fan. 

Hosted by stylist Majory Brifil, the evening did not disappoint. The wine, the catering, the clothes! Plus leaders in the Charlotte fashion scene. The presence of Noah from @noahwilliamsstyle and Melissa from Charlotte_Fashion_plate was an added touch of  Celebrastyle to the event. Yeah, I made that word up. Feel free to use it. 

If you’ve never met the Sloan Pant you must head to Banana Republic and introduce yourself. The slim tapering fit is flattering to all body types. They can be dressed up or down. Perfect for business casual or a night on the town. 

Time to move along because the Preppy Prima Donna in me just had to get to the launch of Lilly Pulitzers new yoga line.

Lilly is a brand that’s ever evolving while staying true to its roots. 

 The Luxeletic line launched a few years ago keeping the Lilly look while branching out into the athletic wear market. 

In addition to the jogging shorts, jacket and skorts Lilly recently launched their yoga line. 

These are not your everyday yoga pants. With their colorful patterns they stand out from the usual ‘running errands’ uniform. 

Donning a pair of these yoga pants will make you feel more polished. Whether you’re actually doing yoga or headed to your favorite mall shopping!

If you’re ever at Southpark Mall and spot me plastered against a store window drooling, please feel free to stop and say hello. And tell me about your favorite part of the playground! 

Happy shopping!

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