Sweet Dreams Are Made of This 


Life is short. Eat dessert first! And at last weekend’s Love Desserts Charlotte event I did just that. 

Imagine if you will, rows and rows of booths with sweet sugary treats. All under one roof. 

Sugar Creek Brewery was transformed into a magical candy land. As I stepped thru the door I felt like Charlie visiting the Chocolate Factory. 

Thank you Love Desserts Charlotte for giving me the ‘Golden Ticket’.

Gourmet cupcakes at every turn. Cakes both big and small were almost too pretty to eat. I said almost. We all know I’d dig right into them. 

Donuts called out to me from each aisle. I was especially drawn to the Donut Palm Tree.

Ice cream, shaved ice and King of Pops were a welcomed sight on this hot summers day. 

I was especially fond of the watermelon mojito pop.

Huge, colorful candy apples caught my eye. They’re one of my favorite fall treats. 

Emoji cookies were popular with kids and grown ups alike. And I was excited to see a cookie decorated to represent my beloved Tennessee Vols!

The pop corn lover in me couldn’t get enough of the flavored popcorn. There was even popcorn topped cupcakes!!!!

I lingered longer than I should have at the edible cookie dough booths (don’t judge me. You would have too). 

The highlight of the day for me was meeting the young man who started his own business. Who doesn’t love potato chips dipped in chocolate???

Visions of sugarplums danced in my head as I fell asleep that night, dreaming of the next event from Love Desserts CLT. 

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