Bagpipes and Shortbread


Living in the diverse city of Charlotte for the past three years I’ve attended festivals celebrating many different cultures. It wasn’t until recently that I attended one celebrating my own heritage. 

The annual Celtic Festival is hosted at the historic Latta Planatation located just north of Charlotte. 

There were bagpipes and Scottish dancers. Beer and shortbreads and foods of my forefathers. ( If you don’t know what haggis is, be glad. Don’t google it. Trust me)

There were war reinactments and fairies. And I even received a print of my grandmother’s coat of arms. 

My favorites were of course the bagpipes. And a father with his wee little lad in matching kilts.

I’m proud of my strong Scotch/Irish heritage. And enjoyed the memories this festival brought back. 

Next year I hope you’ll check it out. And learn about Celtic ways. Just don’t eat the haggis lol. 

Erin Go Bragh 

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